I know why you’re single

Some background: Started talking over the summer on cupid, kinda fizzled out, became facebook friends with some random likes and comments but no real conversation. Then he started looking at my profile on cupid again so I sent him a message on cupid and he suggested we meet and we started talking on facebook.  I sent him my number on facebook around midnight the night before this saturday exchange when we had tentative plans to meet sometime around 8:00 that night.

  • Saturday
  • k. i’ll text when on my way. do you want to go out someplace or just hang? i know you know **** so you know i’m not an axe murder, although i don’t know that you aren’t an axe murder

  • on your way where? we have agreed on a time or place yet…

  • 1/11, 6:50pm

    Oh I misunderstood your not wanting to come to Clifton comment

  • not really impressed with you waiting until 6:30 to contact me today

  • Why?

    did you have something special in mind?
  • no, but it’s nice to have an idea of what’s going on and that you still want to meet, especially when i gave you my number

  • gotcha. i didn’t know that would be a problem

  • really, it’s a matter of effort. don’t tell anyone, but girls like it when you make an effort and appear interested

  • i hear ya, but i don’t know you yet. i don’t overly invest in internet girls when i don’t know them yet

  • texting a woman more than a hour and a half before you’re planning on meeting or deciding on a time and place to meet really isn’t overly investing. I would think you would have some idea of what i’m like from my profile and blog

  • you’re right. i think i may have not read between the lines well enough on that.
    Yeah, so you aren’t going to make an effort because you don’t know me and I’m an ‘internet girl.’ Well now you won’t know me, ‘internet boy’

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