This week in bad online dating messages

11/13/2013 8:49:27 AM
Hey sexy

11/9/2013 5:40:58 PM
hey how are you doing today? i just chugged a starbucks coffee lol, im a bit hyper
thanks for sharing, thanks for caring…

I’m Shawn by the way. Mechanical Engineer. I work for Honda Of America Manufacturing. I want children, and want to be married to a beautiful women that has goals, and whom is passionate and sensual.
47% Enemy 48% Friend 41% Match Message from wantU7969
If you’ve never mentioned me before, your first sentence shouldn’t include ‘by the way’ and he obviously didn’t read my profile

Him:Send me your number so i can text you
Me:you send me your number so i can text you some cock shots
been too busy to google the number

I like your profile and would like to talk sometime….maybe learn some common interests along the way.
Have a great weekend and maybe talk to you soon.
He should know if we have any common interests by reading my profile

Hello soccer513,
My name is jarrett i am new here. I read your profile and was wondering Fox news and the daily show.isnt that like watching glenn beck and bill mahr? Thought I would say hi.
Nov 12, 2013 – 10:49pm
not if you read my profile…and know what the word abhor means
yep, my response pretty much says it all

Hey there…you look great! Good girl or bad?
I’m pretty sure he hit on me under a different profile name…yet he uses the same bad opening line. Pretty sure he used it on my fake profile too

Nov 12, 2013 – 12:22pm
Hi – saw your profile and wanted to respond! It actually seemed sincere, which is hard to find on this website!
I am sure you get a TON of responses, so I won’t babble on long, but if you want to talk a REAL and HONEST guy, then let me know….check out my profile and you won’t be disappointed….
and yet he still couldn’t be bothered to mention anything we have in common


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