The chain gang

Been saving this email for awhile.

So they say if you really want someone you should take a leap of faith and go for it. Well here I go. I think your extremely beautiful person (thank you, that’s very nice). Your eyes are unique (Ummm thanks? Not really sure what ‘unique’ means here). I am a very caring and passionate person. I haven’t been around a woman in over 3 years (whoa, wait. Hold up. What now?). I have had 2 relationships in 16 and did not cheat on either one (Why do guys think they should be applauded for keeping it in their pants? Please, someone with a penis explain this to me). I am a great guy. I am a very honest person. Sometimes to a fault (I feel something coming. Cue that song from west side story. Wait, no, don’t. I like that song and don’t want it ruined.). I say what is on my mind and my mouth does not filter what my brain is thinking (Wait for it…). I tend to never sugar coat anything (Wait for it…). I have been to prison but learn from my mistakes and am putting that in the past and moving on with my life (Boom goes the dynamite!). So if you could use a friend first hit me up and lets see what happens Look at my profile and if you like message me. I will totally understand if you don’t message me back Well at least I don’t have to feel guilty about not responding. Whew).


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