Best ‘moderator’ comment ever

call me old fashioned (and I’ve done porn) but boner pics are obscene

First, I put the term moderator in quotes because it’s the biggest joke ever. I mean, I’m a moderator for f@cks sake. There is no training or guidelines that you’re given, and as far as I can tell, those who get lots of messages are the ones chosen. I actually had a conversation about this with another mod who emailed me when someone flagged one of my pics (when I was trying to generate views to this blog I might have put the link on my pics with the promise of fully nude ones if they came to the site. Bad, yes. Effective, yes.

Back to the comment at hand. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that sentence to be highly funny. Old fashioned and porn aren’t words I usually expect to see in the same sentence. Now I want to google old fashioned porn and see what comes up

And for those wondering, it was a sideways, shirtless bathroom pic that showed the guy clearly had an erection in his shorts.


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