He who calls himself sexy and smart is most likely neither

SexySmartGuy: Crushed Red Peppers
What’s worse than a stupid user name? A title that either makes no sense or is some obscure reference that no one will get
About           Non-smoker with Athletic body type          
Details           42 year old Man, 5′ 10″ (178cm),
Ethnicity     Caucasian Virgo with Mixed color hair   hmmm, the pics i saw implied he’s bald
Intent           SexySmartGuy wants to date but nothing serious.      

Education     Some college
Free Thinker        

Profession     Bussiness

I am Seeking a     Woman        
For     Dating
Do you drink?     I do not drink        
Do you want children?     Prefer not to say
Marital Status     Single        
Do you do drugs?     No
Eye Color     Blue
Do you have a car?     Yes        
Do you have children?     No
Longest Relationship     Over 8 years

EXERCISE                      talking                      Movies
Coffee House               dinner                      shopping
music                            Picnic                       park
concerts                       auctions
flea markets                yard sales                writting
Reading                       sex                           eating 85% pure dark chocolate (huh?)
Debating Subjects  (could ‘ya vague that up for me?)                                                              fishing                         Travel
lifting weights

About Clay
I’m not looking for anything serious. I really don’t feel that I need to be in a committed relationship…(yes red flag, I see you clearly) If we qualify for each other (if we qualify for each other?)than we can take it from there… I can be a selfish person at times (if I was not that would defy nature) and can seem like a ***hole ( so be it)(yes red flag, I also hear you screaming at me). I know what I want from a women and really no longer interested in being the soul provider in a relationship.(Hmmm, do I think he meant to go with soul, as in bearing his heart and soul to his partner and not getting the same in return? Or do I go with my initial instinct that he really meant sole and he’s just a moron?) Like I said I can be selfish and I can be an ***hole. I’m looking to make myself happy and I’m not interested in making a women the center of my world (Hey, can’t say he didn’t warn you). I’m a hard man to please.(Not if a woman does whatever the frack you want without regards to her needs, desires and opinions) I won’t fall in love with just anybody and I don’t want to spend my valuable time with someone I know I have no interest in being around. (Um yeah, that’s why you date someone-to see if you are compatible)

First Date
If we both decide on a first date.(Hi. Not a sentence.) We would have to decide on both of our interest.(Hi, not a coherent sentence. And I prefer doing something on a date that neither I nor my date actually enjoys. Then we can bond over our mutual hatred of what we’re doing) Normally, it’ll consist of a formal dinner and a movie of choice.(Really, I get a say in any part of the date? Or do you tell me which movies you’re willing to see and i can choose from any of those movies? Why am I having flashbacks to bad wedding invitations? A formal dinner followed by a movie of choice sounds like the dinner/dessert description) If dinner, or movie is not that particular woman’s idea of a good first date 9which what women does not like to go out & eat / movie date). (Crap, another incoherent sentence, but I’m pretty sure he’s saying he can’t imagine what woman wouldn’t put out after dinner and a movie, because, what could be more interesting or creative than dinner and a movie for a first date? Hmmm, let me go with ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Although, to be fair, I doubt I’d want to try and make small talk with this guy for a couple of hours).It can be anything from a walk on a beach, a venue (pretty sure he doesn’t know what the word venue means), picnic at a park, or just a relaxing time sitting in a coffee house chatting.


Oh yeah, sign me up


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One thought on “He who calls himself sexy and smart is most likely neither

  1. Jamie August 22, 2013 at 7:13 AM Reply

    “And I prefer doing something on a date that neither I nor my date actually enjoys. Then we can bond over our mutual hatred of what we’re doing.”

    I can’t decide if this was sarcasm or not, but it is like an epiphany. Since I was a teenager I have been trying to plan dates with mutual interests. That was my mistake. Maybe it is my Menkenesque personslity, but it easier to bond over what we hate. Next first date we are going to Chilis and clothes shopping at Wal-Mart!

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