Relationship advice to live by

To be 16 again. Young and naive, trusting and not yet jaded. That was 18 years ago.

I’ve never been a big fan of seeing movies in the theater, the creation of Netflix may be one of the greatest developments in human history

But I do remember going to the theater as a 16 year old to see a movie the first night it opened (pretty sure the last time I did that was when ‘dangerous minds’ was released and it was a horrible movie going experience). I left the theater still laughing and my brain filled with lines I still use on a regular basis to this day. What cinematic masterpiece left such an indelible impression on me?


With all the talk of Barney and Betty, whatever and as if, surfing the crimson wave and emo hipsters who listen to the cranberries (before emo and hipster were defined terms, no less), and the introduction of Paul Rudd, one lesson has always stayed in the back of my mind.

It’s not something I ever consciously thought about, not a line that I quoted, but the advice did worm its way into the recesses of my brain and unintentionally informed all my future relationships.

‘You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet’

This is the line I should have been able to pluck from my brain every time someone has accused me of being too picky, having standards that are too high, implying I should settle-ever, for anyone or anything

Now I have the only response I’ll ever need to those questions.

Thanks Amy Heckerling


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