Dear Jimbo

I keep the url to my blog right on my profile so no guy can accuse me of ‘secretly’ blogging. Not only do I have the url online, I even put a message about my latest post in that section, which means it comes up as an update, which is the best way to increase your profile views (that and changing or adding pics). I get a lot of messages from guys apologizing for their gender and having sympathy for what women have to go through in online dating. I like to think of it as a public service if I can help even one ‘man’ realize that not all attention is good attention from a woman’s point of view. I’ve had a bunch of my ‘profile stalkers’ still stalking my profile, even after I’ve blogged about them, which makes me wonder if they haven’t read my entire profile (I do believe in actually saying stuff in hopes of finding the right guy, but we see how well that’s worked out) or maybe they just don’t care, or whatever. This blog obviously proves I know very little about men. I did have one guy email me to try and explain why he had sent me five messages when I didn’t respond to any…but at least he’s stopped checking my profile and messaging me.

So here was one of the messages I listed in my last post ‘My inbox-part 3’
Jun 29, 2013 – 12:58pm
dam you look good!!!!!!
26% Enemy 52% Friend 55% Match Message from jimbo220221
If only he had properly spelled damn, I just might have responded…so close

So no, it wasn’t cause you ‘misspell’ a word. I’m sure your profile is full of red flags, but I didn’t even make it that far (although after seeing messages 2 and 3, I can add inappropriate use of !!!! and ….). Maybe if you think really long and hard (ha ha, I said long and hard) you can figure out where your approach went off course. If thinking isn’t your thing, read a few of my blog posts and see if you can ascertain test number I use in online dating


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3 thoughts on “Dear Jimbo

  1. E. Hodnett July 1, 2013 at 12:40 PM Reply

    I personally prefer to look for dates or seek relationships the hard way. I just ended one, because long-term relationships are what people say they want; but few have what it takes to maintain one. You have to compromise, allow people to grow, and you have to have a life of your own.

    I’m reading your posts for the first time, and I sort of see exactly what you mean. I’ll probably get a lot of backlash to my commentary, because I’m gay. There are tons of gay dating services online. They are just replacements for the bar scene. You can sit in your undies and slippers and go fishing.

    I don’t really like online dating, and get the total creeps when I get totally sexual responses from goons. I’m not surprised, nor am I dazed by any of the stupid responses you get. The vast majority of people online are not totally dating material, and this is their last resort.

    If they walk up to you in public, your “fight-or-retreat” reflexes would kick in. They’d never make it within six feet of you. You’re a sitting duck on a profile. It’s saying: “here I am, come get me!” You can’t even run. You open the response and “gotcha!!!”

    Profiles are false advertisements, and the attached pics are only images of the wrappers containing mostly mentally deficient sociopaths. If these guys could get a date they wouldn’t be online. Imagine what it would be like if you actually hooked up for a date!?

    I tried the online thing just for the experience, and because friends rave so much about it.
    We must note that people always embellish on their experiences online, to avoid looking stupid. Your posts paint a full picture of what it looks like in cyberspace with these idiots.

    It’s tough enough in the real world. However; I like knowing what I’m up against. I can see, smell, and touch them. So if the vibe ain’t right, I can smile…spin-around, and run screaming with my hands over my head. Or take them up on a drink, a quickie; then run screaming with my hands over my head.

    Nobody’s perfect. So I take the in-person approach over profiles. Don’t expect much from advertisements. They are always the “number one choice in America.” We know that can’t be true; because these are biased comments.

    I find the same crap repeated in profiles online. The usual over-sell. The pretty face with scrambled-brains; or the sex-pot looking for a victim to deposit an STD. The steroid-prince who gets his kicks out of blocking and rejecting people. S/he’s too sexy for normal humans. He couldn’t afford a date out, and most of his free time is humping himself in the mirror. Or net-freaks with two-word vocabularies.

    When one idiot after another sent me junk; I realized several things at the end of the day.

    They haven’t developed interpersonal skills. So they need the internet; because there is no law against being stupid, and no protection to stop them from answering your profile.

    It’s like walking the streets of New York City at 2:00 am on a Saturday night. Every nut-case on earth is free to walk and gawk. You’ll never run out of fools. If you stand still, one of these fools is going to run into you. That’s online dating.

    Making fun and plastering them for all to see is like picking up a used magazine. We’ve seen all the pictures and read all the ads before. So what is the point?

    Try going to the beach and flirting with a stranger. Offer a cutie a health-shake at the gym. Flirt with a hottie who won’t take his/her eyes off you while you’re trying on a new pair of sneakers. When you walk your dog, walk over to the first friendly single person you see walking their dog. I’ve met a few people who are still friends to this day this way. I just walked off when the conversation would only interest a three year-old. I would at least be cool about it. You never know who may resurface later in your life. I know it’s just awkward for some folks.

    I’m glad you are offering novices a peak at what to expect. Had I seen this before trying out online dating myself; I wouldn’t have wasted the time or cash. I did meet some people; but recognized some of the same faces at local events or restaurants. I talked to them and got nothing but horror stories. Then I remained convinced. You’re fool’s bait when you post your profile online for every geek to gawk at it. So it comes with the territory. Therefore, I have redrawn memberships and deleted all profiles.

    I help people on an advice-column. It keeps me level-headed.

    • Marie July 9, 2013 at 8:17 AM Reply

      ♥ above comment.

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