What’s up with that?


No go on a coffee date scheduled for yesterday. Not upset because I thought the guy had potential (we’re saving those high hopes for the overly educated accented prof), but because no one likes it when they clear their schedule for someone who can’t be bothered to follow thru

Before my rant, let me confirm that since I know he’s been online as recently as this morning, I know he didn’t get into some horrible accident that would have justified him not contacting me. I therefore feel entitled to rant.

First red flag should probably have been that he contacted me through pof, which I only keep active for the excellent blog material. After my stalker scare I didn’t think I’d actually ever meet face to face with any guy from that site. And I’m not really sure why I even thought about meeting this guy.
He doesn’t drink. Not in the ‘I’m mature and no longer like to get shit faced drunk’ sort of way, but the I…do…not…drink…ever. I didn’t ask him why, i just assume he’s a recovering alcoholic. Maybe he’s not, but I do occasionally enjoy an alcoholic beverage, especially on a first date.
He works third shift…and enjoys it. Realistically, I don’t think I could ever have a successful relationship with someone who keeps those kinds of hours.
And how exactly did he ask me out? He sent me a message on the website telling me the baseball tickets he has are for 7/31, not 6/31. Since we had been talking about neither baseball nor a date, I read the email and didn’t respond. Sorry, that wouldn’t be my choice for a first date. Overly crowded, no privacy to talk and get to know one another.
So why did I even agree to meet him? Boredom, probably. And educated accent had yet to make himself known.

I am not your go with the flow, take life as it comes, I don’t make plans in advance kinda girl. I like set plans so I can be prepared and have my hair and make up done. You can’t call me up and say ‘hey, let’s meet in 20 minutes.’
So I agreed to the date even though it was going to be coffee in the middle of the day, and in a part of town I’m not familiar with, and with no set time. Why no set time? Because he springs on me at the last minute that he’s moving that morning and not sure when the phone, cable, movers will be done. I should have cancelled right then, especially since educated accent had by that point asked me out on a date for next week (alcohol involved, and he didn’t mind when I vetoed his original suggested meeting place), but I felt coffee couldn’t hurt. So the tentative plan was late afternoon/early evening. The time range couldn’t be too far reaching since the coffee house closed at 6pm yesterday. Around 3pm I start expecting a text with some kind of heads up and…nothing. By 5pm I figure as soon as he texts and says it’s too late to make it to the original coffee shop (cause I’m not gonna rush just because he’s suddenly available and the place closes at 6)and we should go somewhere else instead (that I don’t know how to get to) I’ll tell him thanks but no thanks. But no text, not last night, not this morning, not this afternoon.
Normally I would just be glad I didn’t go the coffee shop only to be stood up. But I could have had a smoothie and then went to the british pub down the street and toasted to prince william’s 31st birthday
And remember, he was on the dating site this morning, so he didn’t die in a fiery car crash-too badchristhompson1


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