If at first you don’t succeed…

This pic has to go down as one of the most awkward attempts to show off your body

But fear not ladies! He did figure out that taking his clothes off would make it easier to take the picture

The first pic looks like he’s in a public bathroom (if not I’d love to meet the person with the ‘please wash your hands’ sign in their house because that would be classic). Maybe he was trying to hurry. He was probably on the clock and worried his boss would come looking for him for leaving the drive thru unmanned.
The second pic looks like he’s also pulled down his underwears. Why? I don’t know. I do know know that I’m happy I didn’t have to see another cock shot on ok cupid today. One guy tried to convince me the extreme closeup of his dick was actually his elbow. I was more likely to believe the guy who said we could just lay in bed and not do anything…or masturbate.

And here’s an unrelated pic I ran across today. I thought I’d throw it in just for fun


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