In honor of father’s day

I can’t think of a better day to post some photos of current and future serial killers I’ve found on dating websites. And no, this is not some passive aggressive way to ‘get back’ at my absentee father. I have the best dad in the world. He can fix anything, give me directions to anywhere and he supports my decisions even when he knows I’m probably making the wrong one. It’s because I have a loving and caring father that I know not to settle for any of the losers I’ve found so far

So, with that being said, I present photos that I fully expect to be used by 48 hours when they make the inevitable tv news show about these men and their victims






Ok, 5 pics is as many as I can handle looking at right now without wanting to vomit, although I do admit that some of that feeling could possibly be due to the alcohol I consumed tonight, but I think it’s mainly looking at these pics
Happy father’s day!


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