In honor of Seth and Amy reuniting on SNL for their ‘Really?’ segment, I happen to have one of my own.

So a guy contacts me on pof with the user name of stormwlkr. I saw him on cupid and contacted him on that site after I had checked out his profile to make sure he wasn’t a complete creep. I still have a major problem with the crap pof let’s it’s users get away with and really only keep my account open so I can blog about the creeps and weirdos-see my last post about shrek.
We traded emails on cupid for a few days and then moved to texting. Things fell apart during his attempt to ask me out. I texted him something and then after no response 30 minutes later, i left the room to do laundry or the dishes or some mundane household chore. When I returned I had a missed voicemail on my phone where he proceeded to berate me for not taking his call. it was odd and garbled and although it’s still on my phone I don’t really care to bother listening to it again to try and relay the specifics. I do not it was creepy enough that I knew i wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who had such a severe reaction to something as minor as me not being able to answer the phone
Online dating helps weed out a lot of obvious creeps, but unfortunately talking to and meeting people is still necessary to truly know who you’re dealing with-hello my bad touch stalker.

All of that brings us to the pof notification I got last night about someone adding me as a favorite. I’ve always thought this was a weird feature. How can someone you’ve never communicated with be considered ‘a favorite’? And it can’t just be that guys who are too lazy (or shy, which I think is a total bs excuse used by lazy guys)to write a message. Hello, I could write a hundred posts filled with all the generic hi, hello, how are you messages that I’ve received. But it’s not just that. Pof has a flirt feature that you can click on and it actually auto sends the generic message for you!
But I digress. Pof currently has this favorite feature and people use it. So I’m notified that someone has selected me as a favorite. I don’t recognize the name, but the picture looks kinda familiar. And yep, it’s stormwlkr. I mean really.
I guess the real question is; does he remember how our ‘relationship’ ended and he’s crazy, or, worse, does he not even recognize me? I might have some new pics, but my profile is the same, although I don’t see that he clicked on it…regardless, consider me creeped out

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One thought on “Really?

  1. stormwlkr May 28, 2013 at 7:02 PM Reply

    Well, well, I made the blog. I’m flattered, but somehow, it figures. Goes to show nice guys truly don’t stand a chance. You said I should “man up” and ask you out on a real date…
    I called, you didn’t answer. What was I supposed to think? I didn’t “berate” you and you could’ve called back. Instead, a blog-lashing was in order.

    I knew that it was you when I hit the favorite button. I was just seeing if I could get a reaction. I was hoping for a text, you seemed nice. Not to be dragged through the web-mud.

    By the way, you don’t need to lump me in with your supposed stalkers. I read your blog because I find it entertaining… Well, I did.

    Last contact,
    stormwlkr, creep out!

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