911 is a joke in yo town

And so is plenty of fish
I’ve previously made known my skepticism over the fact that they claim to have phd’s working at that site, although with the internet I guess you can probably go online and earn a degree in any made up subject in a matter of hours.
They have so many categories it gets quite confusing though. Of course they have the people who actually say they want to meet you, but they also have who is most attracted to you (their prediction, and believe me it ain’t always right), who you best fit with in terms of chemistry (if you take their ‘scientific’ test) and that one seems to change every time you click on that link, so pardon me if I don’t put a lot of stock in it, and then towards the top of the inbox page they have a link to your best relationship prospects. Not sure how many people can be included, but mine currently lists 88 guys. I think I talked in the past about the fact that I pretty much figured out this was based on one or the other of us sending a message, because it includes a hell of a lot of creeps that sent me messages that I immediately deleted, as well as guys I sent messages to and got no response. And I figure that any guy I had a conversation with where multiple messages were sent back and forth would probably rise on the list. Or at least that’s how I would set it up, but then again I don’t have a phd, so what do I know?

This is what the site currently says
You are most likely to date…

These users are sorted by the probability that you will have a LONG TERM relationship with them. The list has been generated by our resident team of PhDs who are experts in compatibility science. Our research shows that if you are in contact with 100 different users, 50% of the time your future partner is in the top 10, and 17% of the time the top user on this list is the person you will end up dating.

Taken – found happiness on eVowCincinnati Ohio
Hey there, I’m back after the last dates have flaked out. I’m looking for a LTR and someone who likes Cincinnati. Must want to hang out around town. Being able to have kids is a plus. Im 37 – prefer someone younger or not older than 45 (unless you are cute). I’m pretty laid back guy – someti
JPyrett 37Online Today

Let’s just look at this on it’s surface, especially for those you you who may not recognize this ‘gentleman.’
The Headline-Taken-found happiness on EVow
Good for you that you’ve found a woman. Why is your profile still active on this site and why were you logged on today? Some of you may be giving him the benefit of the doubt and thinking maybe he just met someone and changed his headline but didn’t have time to delete his profile. To you, I say f@ck off. If you have met someone and are no longer looking, then you delete your profile, not change your headline. And, call me a online dating stalker, but this headline has been up for a few days at least.
How do I know this? This is my fucking internet stalker. Remember the guy who started a conversation with me and then less than 24 hours later claimed he was in a relationship and couldn’t talk any more? The one who then less than a week later that contacted me back saying it didn’t work out and asked me out? The guy I stupidly did go on a date with? The date where I counted 11 ‘bad touches’ that had me texting friends during the date? The one who told me that the ‘relationship’ he was in that caused him to originally say he couldn’t talk to me was with a woman he never actually met before declaring himself in a relationship? The one who told me about his one engagement and two pre engagements on our date? The one who asked me to check out houses in my area for him even after we had had a major blow up and I made it clear he should stop contacting me? The one who sent me this picture about what he did after our date?

oh yeah, and he kept coming up on my search results and had more profile titles than the simpons have had couch gags. A few that I wrote down once I noticed them changing have been:
I’m a millionaire
I just bought a house in blue ash
Looking for someone to go to king’s island on 4/27
Hi, write me if you like alanis morissette or GnR
Hi. Looking for dating–girlfriend–???

So sorry pof, I don’t think I trust your advice


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