Boys are like buses


Usually old and broken down beyond repair and dirty and smelly and thinking they’re a sports car. As soon as things fizzle out with one, another comes along. In my case though, they seem to come in bunches.

There’s the guy I may give a second chance to after he ended our conversation after less than a day claiming he had met someone (he of the ‘Huh?’ post). I’m trying to engage him in conversation, but it’s like pulling teeth. And now that I’ve friended him on facebook I expect that he’ll eventually see this blog-hopefully he’ll step up his game. I started a conversation with ‘the pilot’ today but I haven’t gotten enough info to see any red flags or dealbreakers

Side note-I had forgotten that I did a google search alert on the subject of my post ‘Major massive dating site bullet dodged.’ The winner who encouraged me to google stalk him and then got mad that I didn’t like what I found-not only was he written about on, but his mommy was logging in-not to claim the accusations were untrue, but to blame the women he screwed over. So, he was arrested for domestic violence the other day. Sad to say, the mug shot was actually better than any of the pics he had posted online.

And now on to the main attraction. This guy may have been the first one I posted a picture of, back when I decided that many of these guys deserved to have their faces publicized, if only as a service to other women. I mean, I couldn’t post a conversation I had with a guy who called himself the sexytatteduplife without providing visual evidence.

My original response to his email was ‘um, no’ which led him on a verbal tired where he not only called me an ugly cunt bitch, he was nice enough to tell me which picture specifically was the worst and he made a comment that if he had looked at my pics he wouldn’t have emailed me. Of course I suggested he take that as a lesson to always look at pictures and profiles before contacting a woman
Here’s our second conversation, which you can also find in my post ‘The return of a charmer.’

11/27/2012 11:09:05 AM
who keepen ur juicy azz warm at night


11/27/2012 11:17:55 AM
don’t get so excited douchebag. apparently you don’t remember your previous email to me. when i shot you down you called me a fucking cunt and told me how ugly i was. i only clicked on your profile so i could copy it to use in my book about disgusting morons who troll internet dating sites. i’ll block you again after you read this

And I’m sure I did block him, but of course he just changed his user name

3/7/2013 2:20:05 PM
whos ben wyatt lol and i have no kids, or crazxy exs, and i no we got off on on wrong foot a summer ago

3/7/2013 2:23:41 PM
still not interested



So, ok, he wasn’t rude and disgusting this time, but call me a cunt once and you lose any chance you might have had with me (not that this guy ever had a chance, but I digress).

And really, does no one watch parks and rec? Am I expecting too much when I want a guy like adam scott’s ben wyatt? Smart, cute, funny and sweet. That can’t exist only on television. I will say that I met the pilot on another site where I made an obscure simpsons reference. He admitted to having to google it but he claims as soon as the simpsons popped up he knew who it was. So I do give him credit for admitting to using google, especially since most of the others guys who got the reference looked like comic book guy



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