Dr. Schoolboy

So I actually went out with someone I met online, which if you’ve read this blog means I must have found a needle in a haystack. From 2/10-2/20 we talked multiple times a day, first on the website then on facebook and met for lunch on wednesday. We talked and laughed a lot, which even the waitress commented on. Afterwards I sent him a fb message thanking him for lunch and saying I had a good time. The response I got was that his face hurt from laughing and then…nothing

He’s not that into me, that’s fine. Although it would be nice for him to just say so. I can’t imagine that after talking multiple times a day he’s suddenly following some dating advice about waiting a certain number of days after a date to make contact again. I know he can’t have been too busy to send a message since i’ve seen him on facebook since then (and he’s been back on the dating website as well). I know this blog can’t have scared him away because he knew about it before we became friends on facebook and he read all my posts BEFORE he asked me out.

On a side note, I did tell him I don’t blog about normal guys and normal messages I get online, but really, being too much of a pussy to not tell me he isn’t interested does move him into little boy territory, even if he has one doctorate and is currently pursuing another.  I did unfriend him on facebook, but if there is some explanation for the sudden lack of communication he has my cell number and email address. Until then…


I’m having my first ever carrie bradshaw-esqu moment while writing this blog.    

 ‘Is unfriending the new male ego bruiser?’

Dr. Schoolboy sent me a message on facebook telling me he noticed that I unfriended him, but no hard feelings. He thinks we’d be great friends and I should let him know when I finish the book we’d been talking about.

and it still took me 3 messages for him to confirm he wasn’t interested. I let him know that I took going from sending multiple messages everday to silence for three days as a sign he wasn’t interested in pursuing things.

His response was ‘true. it definately sent the wrong message; sorry!’ and blah blah blah

So my interpretation was wrong? the message I got was that he wasn’t interested but then he says his actions sent the wrong message-so he is interested? but no mention of going out again, so…

So I literally had to spell things out (maybe it’s easier to get a phd than i thought). i started by telling him that now i was really confused. and said if you want to go out again, please ask, otherwise i’ll assume you aren’t interested.

well that must have backed him into a corner to make a decision and two hours after reading my message he finally responded ‘well, i guess i’m not; sorry for the confusion’

so that conversation has been deleted. moving on…

Previous post updates:

-the guy who gave me his cell number but instructed me only to text him in case i’m crazy and I responded by telling him my number is 867 5309 and my name is jenny: he did wait the three days (as he  about) and then looked at my profile online again. no word on if he got the reference yet or not, but i’m guessing not

-third time not a charm guy-his profile actually says ‘like a mojito i am refreshing and bold…because of my latin heritage i have no trouble taking what i want from a woman.’ i have decided to maybe take this one further and have some fun and prick some holes in his ego


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2 thoughts on “Dr. Schoolboy

  1. gemcribb February 24, 2013 at 3:43 AM Reply

    Pity it didn’t work out but great to hear you are not taking it to heart! It is frustrating how so many people (it’s guys and girls actually) prefer to ‘fade away’ rather then facing the discomfort of telling someone that it’s not working for them. It certainly would reduce the ambiguity and all the wondering! Good luck with it!

    • mugs11 February 24, 2013 at 6:32 AM Reply

      thanks, and i totally agree on the fade away approach, especially in the age of social media.

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