3rd time not a charm


2/21/2013 2:58:03 PM
I love your main profile pic. You look darling.


2/21/2013 3:37:00 PM
are we going to do this dance again? i believe this is round three

2/21/2013 3:43:52 PM
You have a good memory.
I apologize, but when I stumble across you pic I am struck by your beauty.


2/21/2013 3:55:40 PM
too bad you can’t come up with anything we have in common

I could have sworn we had a second conversation. not sure if it was under this username or his old one. most likely, we did and i was just too annoyed to save it. well he did get one thing right, I do have a good memory-when it comes to remembering horrible online dating site conversations. oh joy, he responded to my last message. off to see what gems he’s come up with in response


6/15/2012 11:27:41 AM
Some of your punctuation is incorrect.


6/15/2012 5:13:12 PM
your rejected GQ modeling shots are hideous

7/2/2012 1:44:45 PM
You are clever and funny. Ed Hardy shirts are for clubbin’ D-bags. Also, you have a nice smile.


7/2/2012 9:06:50 PM
is this how you normally approach women? say something rude and then three weeks later compliment them? i think i might have figured out why you can’t get a woman 🙂 thank you for saying something nice

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4 thoughts on “3rd time not a charm

  1. Skeggjold February 22, 2013 at 1:15 AM Reply

    Been reading your blog a few times and my faith about my gender is getting beat up.
    Wish success and happiness in your search. BUT your posts do make me laugh and smile. So thank you for that.

    • mugs11 February 22, 2013 at 7:56 AM Reply

      i in no way mean to imply that all guys are douchebags. i actually went on a date this week with a guy i met online who was really nice. I simply present to others what i see on these websites and that’s why i include the actual messages and profiles-so no one can accuse me of making it up. and i’m sure there are a lot of sketchy women out there, but i’m glad if it gives you a laugh. if i didn’t laugh i’d cry 🙂

  2. Lee Geary February 21, 2013 at 5:30 PM Reply

    Those model shots are hilarious! He’s really, really into himself and presumes you should be into him as much as he is.

    • mugs11 February 21, 2013 at 6:55 PM Reply

      not sure what his profile currently says, but at one point he said ‘i am latin and i take what i want.’ and his response to the what do we have in common question was ‘i bet we have something in common. there are only 6 degrees of separation.’ so yes, i did kindly explain that six degrees of separation doesn’t refer to common interests

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