Ah, the art of small talk

I did not just IM the guy to tell him where I live 🙂 He sent me an email telling me the part of town he lives in and asking if I wanted to talk. Kinda odd that after two pretty generic comments by me he’s asking what I’m looking for and you can see I had a minute and half long internal debate on how to answer his question. And then we get to that dealbreaker question for so many guys…tell me something we have in common that we can have a conversation about

Please, some guy, any guy, explain to me why that is such a hard question to answer, particularly when on a website where ostensibly, your goal would seem to be to find someone for a long term relationship. There has to be something that I’m missing



An image of Hix5

15 minutes ago Hix5

15 minutes ago

(8:10:41pm)mugs1979:hi. i’m an eastsider. mt lookout/hyde park/oakley area


(8:12:52pm)Hix5:whats up

(8:13:39pm)mugs1979:just watching tv. what are you up to?


(8:14:07pm)Hix5:what are you looking for?

(8:15:48pm)mugs1979:someone normal

(8:16:20pm)Hix5:and that is?

(8:17:21pm)mugs1979:well let’s do it this way. you messaged me and your profile is pretty bare bones, so why don’t you tell me what you are looking for.

(8:17:40pm)Hix5:something fun and hopefully serious

(8:20:03pm)mugs1979:so, from looking at my profile, what do we have in common?

(8:20:36pm)Hix5:never know

(8:22:38pm)mugs1979:well why don’t you let me know when you figure something out


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One thought on “Ah, the art of small talk

  1. Lee Geary February 8, 2013 at 2:58 AM Reply

    That seems to be a question along the lines of, “Help, how does conversation work? Plz advise.”

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