once again, those deep personal questions scare a guy away

oh wait, I was being ironic.                                                                     

He starts off with the ever annoying, general ‘hi’ email. my rule is to always respond with a hi of my own and then tell the guy he now has to come up with something else to say. The response was the only slightly less generic ‘how is your day going?’

His profile didn’t have any red flags although it was pretty generic, but it did have only one profile pic, which i generally don’t like, but it was decent so i gave him the benefit of the doubt and talked about the upcoming local football game (this was sunday morning) and his response was some lame general agreement about my comment

NOTE: i am tired of teaching guys how to have a conversation online. It really isn’t that hard. you ask me a question, i answer it and ask something in return to propel the conversation forward. And then guys, you answer my question and ask me something in return. I am so freaking tired of always having to do the asking, especially when it was the guy who initiated contact with me. But i digress…

I’ve had a run of really weird/gross/inappropriate emails (see some of my previous posts) so I basically laid out for this guy why he had to put a little effort into a conversation with a woman on this site AND specifically asking him to look at my profile and mention something we have in common since his profile was so generic.  sadly, the response I got was  ‘omg lol’ follow by him giving me his phone number and telling me to text him because he had to get ready for church

HELLO, you haven’t even told me your name and you are giving me your phone number. and how do you know i’m not a crazy stalker?

so as i’ve done with other guys, i called him on giving out his number WAY too early in the conversation. I again asked him to read my profile and mention something we have in common that could lead to an actual conversation before we exchange numbers

He read and deleted that message so i did have to go all crazy bitch on his ass and i sent him another message saying ‘i guess that was a lot to ask of you.’ 

he replied saying sorry, that he was working on stuff for work and then about 45 seconds later sent another message mentioning the city i grew up/ still live in. although it was very elegantly worded as ‘you from —–‘

at this point i was pretty sure it wasn’t going to go anywhere but i tried to give him one last chance. so i told him his response was a start and that i’d do the hard part and try to start an actual conversation so i asked him about his musical tastes, but i couldn’t let him off the hook so i repeated an earlier comment suggesting he add more (recent) pics and not give out his number so soon

he deleted that message without responding so now i’ve deleted him


so i ask; am i really expecting too much when i assume that a guy who contacts me first has some interest? and are there really people out there that don’t understand how to have a conversation?


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One thought on “once again, those deep personal questions scare a guy away

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