Major, massive dating site bullet dodged

Ladies, being a google stalker is a GOOD thing. the first red flag of internet dating is when a guy gives you his number after only one or two conversations. i was unable to find out his last name from any of the free reverse phone number websites, but after telling me he wasn’t on facebook he did give me his user name on myspace (really, people still use myspace?) and his user name was his last name. Bingo! Google search took me to cheating website, complete with his picture and his MOMMY trying to defend some of his actions and blaming the multiple women he had screwed over. oh, and by the way, he is on facebook

It’s late and I don’t want to say anything i might regret, so I’ll sleep on it and then call him on his shit tomorrow and then once i see he’s read my message thru the website i can block him from being able to send me anymore messages.

So ladies, the moral of the story is: don’t respond to a guy’s number until AFTER you’ve done your google search cause if you do, he has YOUR number and that can make life a lot more miserable



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