I saw a penis today and no, it wasn’t impressive

I logged on to a free dating website the most disgusting guys like to troll (you get what you pay for I guess). The only reason I keep going back is because I do like to respond to some of the more idiotic guys that hit on me and when it turns into a battle of wits i almost always win.
I have a whole list of problems with the pictures guys post-wads of cash, pics where they look like serial killers, even giving the finger (stay classy!), but rarely do i see a picture of an actual penis, especially when it’s as small as the one I saw today.
If you know me, you know I could not let this pass without comment. I advised the genius that it probably isn’t a good idea to advertise his shortcomings before even meeting a woman. To his credit, he did give an almost reasonable explanation, which is better than the usual f@ck you b@tch that I normally get when calling a guy out.

I can only wonder what I’ll see tomorrow…


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